Restoring Tomorrow Is Almost Today by Tim Nuttall

Restoring Tomorrow, HWP’s latest feature film endeavor, nears its first complete edit! Howling Wolf Productions couldn’t be more excited to debut this historical yet compelling documentary in several months. The doc’s star, Wilshire Boulevard Temple, the oldest Jewish institution in Los Angeles, went through an incredible restoration in 2012 and 2013.

Restoring Tomorrow is not only an exciting glimpse into the rebirth of the famous Wilshire Boulevard Temple and its magnificent restoration, but also explores how Los Angeles' past, the growth of Hollywood and its Jewish community go hand-in-hand in their evolution. 

The film was written and directed by our own Aaron Wolf. It is no surprise that Aaron took special interest in this project. His grandfather, Rabbi Alfred Wolf, was a highly respected Rabbi at the Temple and a huge inspiration to Aaron. Something incredible to mention; did you know, WBT was founded when Abraham Lincoln was President of the United States?

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