5 Apps HWP Can’t Live Without by Tim Nuttall

Let’s be honest, since the invention of “apps”, life has become more accessible and at times technologically effortless. From up to the minute user--updated GPS (to get you to that set call on time), to editing a movie on the go and adding studio-like visual effects, almost all aspects of the entertainment industry are now at our fingertips. We all have our “go-to” apps and we are no exception. Here are 5 Filmmaking Apps HWP can’t live without... 

                                                              1. Waze (Free)

Let’s say you have to get to a shoot or casting but live in an area where traffic is absurd (like LA or NY). Then Waze is the “avoid traffic” app for you. With constant user updates, this application tells you the best routes to avoid traffic. It also alerts you when there are police nearby or if there is a red-light camera ahead. Users can provide pictures and update the traffic status themselves to earn points with your traffic avatar (who ever thought playing in traffic would be so much fun?!) Among other things, Waze will also tell you where the nearest inexpensive gas station is located. With this app, you will never be late for an appointment again. The best part? It’s free! Waze is available on iOS and Android. Feel free to check out the website here

     2. Artemis ($29.99)

Artemis isn’t just a character from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelpha (if you don’t know what we’re talking about, you should). It’s also a viewfinder app for directors and cinematographers, which allow them to visualize what a potential shot could look like using the smart phone's camera. Artemis has plenty of features and can be helpful when location scouting, allowing the user to create on-location storyboards. It also includes a custom camera feature that can match any professional camera system's specifications and even match-up to your chosen lens set. Pretty cool right? The system requires iOS 6.0 to work. For more information on Artemis, check out their website here.

3. iMovie ($4.99)

Are your homemade movies uncut, long, and boring? (Like this sentence) iMovie is a video editing software sold by Apple, original for home use and now for your iPhone. While we prefer other software (Final Cut 7, Premiere Pro) for our more advanced editing, back in the day we started with iMovie. With a newly revamped interface, the layout and structure is user friendly and aesthetically pleasing. A sidebar feature includes a gallery of photos, videos and projects that make it easy to navigate. iMovie also provides classy themes and a plethora of audio tools to revamp your production tracks. Now you can edit and deliver on the go! (I always did want to cut a film while waiting at the DMV…) For more information on de-boring your home videos, visit the Apple App Store.

4. Cinefy (Free)

What is an action movie without visual effects? VFX enhance a movie’s dramatic experience and take it to another level. Cinefy is extremely user friendly and will walk you through each step as you customize your flick. According to their website “ci•ne•fy (sin-a-fie) means, "To take a personal video, an enhance it, with Hollywood-caliber effects". Now that summer blockbusters are in full swing, this app makes you want to bring out your inner Michael Bay. With over 100 believable VFX to choose from (dinosaurs, alien attacks, lightening strikes, and explosions), Cinefy provides you with your own personal FX studio straight from your smart phone. With a timeline based interface, Cinefy makes it easy for you to just drop in clips,, quickly add music from your iTunes library , add animation, and share on social networks like YouTube, and Vimeo instantly. With Cinefy you can get your Spielberg on in no time. Learn more about Cinefy here

5. mRelease ($9.99)

When making a film, it's essential to have all your legal documents in order (Because no one can afford to play with the law). With mRelease, you can access actor and location releases instantly! (In this case, being barely legal can get you into trouble) Need that last crew release signed for your second assistant cameraperson? Have him or her sign right on the app! We all know in this industry that time is everything and mRelease allows important information to be gathered quickly and all in one place. For more information on mRelease click here

So you see you amateur Wes Anderson’s and Christopher Nolan’s; apps have a way of making (a filmmaking) life easier. With any or all of these apps, you can not only shoot, edit, add special effects and produce, you can instantly share them with your family, friends and fans. At least your mom will be a fan, and that counts for something right? (And once your mom’s a fan, the skies the limit.) Have you used any of these apps? Has Waze helped you get to that important meeting early? Tell us about it on our Facebook page