how to train your dragon

How To Train Your [Dragon] Wolf 2 by Tim Nuttall

Don't try to put out the fire because here's the latest Howling Wolf Productions premiere review! The Toothless Dragon was mingling with the stars on the red carpet at the How To Train Your Dragon 2 premiere. And let me tell you, it was hot in Westwood. HTTYD2 was a roaring success for Dreamworks. 

Just East of the 405 was transformed into Isle Park as famous faces like Jay Baruchel, Gerard Butler, Dylan McDermont and America Ferrera lit up the festivities. Guests were greeted with Viking hats, buckets of popcorn to dip our paws in and our very own dragon glasses (with magical 3D capabilities of course). 

HWP loved the movie so much we think the office should have its very own dragon. The animation was so lifelike at times that the soaring over the ocean and mountains looked almost real. The tireless time and effort that goes into creating these animated features definitely pays off. And definitely make sure to get your own 3D dragon glasses. Trust us, it makes you feel like you're right up there, soaring with the dragons. The audience roared with applause and gave a long ovation following the movie. 

After the premiere we attended the private reception held at the W hotel. We got a chance to talk with some of the film's stars and makers. There was a photo booth where you put on garb and become a viking. And of course, the delicious food and drinks were flowing.

How To Train Your Dragon 2 opens today at your local theater. HWP gives the movie 2 paws up! If you get a chance to see it, we’d love to hear your thoughts. Comment on our Facebook and let us know!