santa fe film festival

Dreams Come True, Yes They Do In Santa Fe by Tim Nuttall

Christian Bale is that you? Just kidding! (Newsies anyone?) Howling Wolf Productions recently took the Wolf Pack to Santa Fe, NM for the Santa Fe International Film Festival. Not only did HWP have an incredible time visiting the town of Santa Fe, Guest House also took home the award for Best Short!

We jumped right in on the fun. Our first stop took us to a cool bar near the center of town called Cowgirls. It’s where HWP got to experience green chile for the very first time. Santa Fe, notorious for green

chile, is a common add-on with almost every dish. We found it very delicious and flavorful! While we were enjoying our first Santa Fe meal, Jessie Bridges (Jeff Bridges’ daughter) was putting on a concert in the other room. We liked listening to Bridges as she covered some of our favorite songs by the Beatles and The Beach Boys.

Santa Fe, known for beautiful turquoise jewelry, is nothing short of what the inflight Southwest magazine promised (kidding). The locals line up downtown in a makeshift marketplace, and sell their beautiful handmade jewelry. It’s really interesting to see all the different types of turquoise and the locals can even tell you which part of the country it’s from. In the United States, turquoise can come from Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, California and of course, New Mexico.

After walking around town, we naturally worked up an appetite and ended up at a neat spot called Café Pasqual’s. The architecture features a pueblo-styled adobe that’s adorned with Mexican and fiesta inspired influences. The menu has tons of organic and fresh original Santa Fe cuisine. We had the quoina burger, which had minced Portobello mushrooms (our favorite!) It came on a gluten-free multi-seed English muffin and a schmear of guacamole. It was so tasty and really flavorful! If you ever get a chance to got Santa Fe, we recommend going to Café Pasqual’s.

After our great meal, we got a chance to stop in a funky store right across the way called Doodlet’s. A great gift shop, (that’s been open for more than 50 years) which has anything and everything. You can find unique post cards, trinkets, games, toys and more. Everything you find in this store has a humorous element to it. We hope you get a chance to visit Doodlet’s, although they don’t have a website, they are located on 120 Don Gaspar Ave.

Our next stop took us to the Santa Fe Studios. It was here where the film festival hosted an event called “Stargazing with the Stars.” They even featured giant telescopes that were aimed at the stars (duh) and the moon! We got a chance to look at the moon up close and saw details like we’ve never seen before. They even had a private DJ and we got a chance to walk around the giant sound stages that they use to film shows. Some of the well-known shows that have been filmed in Santa Fe are: The Avengers, Terminator: Salvation, No Country For Old Men, Transformers, Breaking Bad, Crazy Heart, Cowboys And Aliens and many more.

The Palace, a local’s hotspot, is located in the heart of historic downtown Santa Fe. They have a variety of cocktails and a good beer and wine slection. We sipped on some Sangria while we watched awesome belly dancers put on a neat show. One belly dancer, balanced 5 candles on a tray on her head, we were impressed!

Before our screening, we got a chance to have breakfast at a unique spot called the Chocolate Maven. CM is an award-winning bakery that has been known in Santa Fe since 1982. What’s cool about this place is the entire back wall of the café is a window. You can watch the baker’s make all the treats right in front of you. We think it’s actually to tempt the customers and to entice them with chocolate! A fun little fact about CM, they ship their sweet treats nationwide and even to Canada.

We had the opportunity to screen Guest House at the Center for Contemporary Arts. After the film, we had a great Q & A where we got to share some stories and inspiration behind the film.

We now understand why people love visiting Santa Fe. This one of a kind town explodes with culture, history and pride. We actually felt like we were almost in a different country (in a good way). We are still trying to come up with our own Native American name, any ideas?

On behalf of Howling Wolf Productions, we’d like to thank the SFIFF for hosting a great event. Thank you for the amazing time and we are proud to accept the award for best short. We can’t wait to go back and visit. Until then, we will dream of you Santa Fe (with a side of green chile of course).