The Walk's Sawyer Barth breaks out with TNT's Public Morals, Spielberg's Bridge of Spies by Tim Nuttall

Sawyer Barth is no longer our HWP hidden gem. While we can always say The Walk gave Sawyer his start, this talented young actor is landing some pretty impressive roles. Here's just a few...

TNT’s new crime drama, Public Morals, features Sawyer as Michael Muldoon - son to leading man and crooked cop, Terry Muldoon (Ed Burns).

The buzzed about new thriller from Steven Spielberg, Bridge of Spies, features Sawyer as Bellamy. The film hits theaters in October 2015.

Jerry Bruckheimer’s new pilot, Home, currently in pre-production at TNT will also feature Sawyer.

We always knew he had something special. We’re just glad we could help Sawyer with his "walk" into the spotlight. Catch Sawyer in his breakout role across from legendary actor Peter Riegert in The Walk at the Laguna Film Festival October 16th.